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Although David is a full service realtor his area of preference is to act as a Buyers Agent. In many circumstances real estate agents can find themselves working on behalf of both the seller and the buyer, this can compromise the service and advise the agent provides to either party as it creates what is called "Limited Dual Agency". As a Buyer Agent, I can provide undivided loyalty, to represent you and only you in a given transaction.

Those who are new to the Island or just entertaining the idea of making Salt Spring Island your home I invite you to explore my web site. SALT SPRING ISLAND REVIEW and ISLAND INSIGHTS display some of the Islands charms and amenities.

When considering purchasing a home or property contact professional Realtor/Buyer Agent David Giddy.

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    The many hues of Salt Spring Island!
    Saltspring - Dawn Another Day on Salt Spring Clouds of Salt Spring Island
    Down and Dusky on the island of Salt Spring Night Life Saltspring Live! Evening Serenity on Salt Spring Island
    Discover for yourself the incredible beauty of this jewel of the Gulf Islands. We invite you to send this site to a friend or feel free to link to it for whatever reasons you may want to. It is here for you to enjoy and explore the many facets of this wonderful place on the west coast of British Columbia Canada.

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    * David Giddy has extensive experience in the North American real estate market. He was initially licensed in Ontario in 1974, later in Illinois and for the last 14 years on Salt Spring Island British Columbia. Before moving to Salt Spring in 2001 his licenses were held to compliment his career in international corporate banking and finance. David ended his twenty nine year banking career as a Member of Senior Management with Credit Suisse and finally as Senior Vice President of The Industrial Bank of Japan.

    Real estate on Salt Spring Island offers spectacular, waterfront ocean views and mountain view homes, lots and farm properties. If you are looking to buy Real Estate we suggest you explore David's Profile of Salt Spring Island web site. David Giddy is a professional service realtor. The Salt Spring Island Review is David Giddy's initial showcase of the island of Salt Spring amidst the Gulf Islands on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada originally created in the early 2000s. The level of community, the three towns of Fulford, Vesuvius and Ganges are all reasons that you should contact David Giddy of Salt Spring Island to inquire about properties for sale on Saltspring. A new section on Island Insights is a great place to discover some more pictures of the island.

    Update Nov.2017

    Who Lives on Salt Spring Island? What Attracts people to Saltspring Island? When do people decide to move to Salt Spring? Where do they find homes on Salt Spring? Why do they stay on saltspring island?